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The Worm


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The Worm Revamp is a glitter topper packed with orange-green iridescent glitters, and a sprinkle of larger vivid light blue and berry red hexes.

This nail polish is inspired by the worm which Sarah encounters as she first enters the Labyrinth. Though he is in the movie for less than 5 minutes, he has a lasting impression on many fans of the film.

When the Labyrinth all gets too much for Sarah and she is about to give up, he tells her not to worry - to come inside, “ave a nice cup o’ tea - meet the missus”. The Worm helps Sarah to realise things aren’t always what they seem in the Labyrinth.

Clear base with small orange iridescent glitter, red glitters to represent the Worm’s scarf, blue glitters to represent his hair.

Swatches by @procrastinatingpolishr

All Mckfresh Nail Attire Polishes are free of the 3 big bad nasties common in nail polishes – this means no Toluene, Formaldehyde or DBP.

Polishes are hand mixed so there may be slight variations in glitter/colour between batches.

Polishes are best applied in 2 – 3 thin coats, ensuring you allow time to dry between each coat.

There should not be a major amount of glitter settlement or separation. Before application shake your bottle well. You may also wish to set your bottle upside down for 10 minutes before using to help move larger glitter particles.

For ease of removal when using glitter heavy polishes, try a Peel off base coat such as a PVA base. We recommend always using base coat of some kind whenever using polishes to ensure you are protecting your nails.

Thermal/photochromic polishes are temperature/UV sensitive and should be stored with care to prolong lifespan. Make sure to store OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT in a COOL, DARK AREA. These polishes do not have a guaranteed lifespan and no refunds will be issued for polishes which lose their ability to shift colour.